Let it out…

Mega Project Topic

Talking about your mental health has never been encouraged in our society. On one extreme, some people face an extreme backlash at the mention of their mental health problems and, on the other extreme, some people use mental health problems as an excuse and manage to get away with it.
Lately, people have started emphasizing the importance of mental health, but it’s still just in the phase of understanding what it is. I feel like now is the time we take a step forward and when we normalize talking about these issues and stop stigmatizing people who come up with their stories. I want people to understand that talking about mental disorders is as important as talking about physical disorders. We give attention to a person who broke their leg but what about a person who has depression but can’t speak about it because we never gave them a chance.

I want to create a platform where people could talk about it without fear of being judged and labeled.

What I have in my mind is that, to conduct zoom sessions since it’s covid and all, where participants would be encouraged to bring a cup of coffee or tea with them and have an interactive session. They’d be encouraged to share an example from their lives about a certain mental health disorder or any problem they could relate to, that they or someone they know experienced and what was the behavior (reaction) of people towards that.

I don’t want it to be a typical one-way awareness session, where a professional speaker is giving the lecture and, everyone else is just sitting there listening. It would be more of participant-focused sessions. I think it’s time when we get past just talking about what it is and start focusing on how the disorder and the reaction of people towards it affects a person.